How to Start Listening to Your Intuition


More and more research is being done on consciousness and researchers are discovering that our intuitions, or gut feelings, are literally the gut itself feeding our gut feelings. Intuitions are sudden, sometimes in explainable, strong judgements. The author of Gut Feelings found that our intuition can help us pick right answers in trivia, meaning, there is wisdom in lack of traditional knowledge.

Your gut can tell you whether or not something is wrong in your body and you need to go to the doctor, how to detect if someone is lying or telling the truth, what your partner is thinking and feeling, and if you’ll make a “good couple” or not. Think of how many times you hear couples say that early in their relationship they “just knew” that they would make a good couple, whether or not they fit together on paper.

I believe that it is only a matter of time until researchers discover how truly remarkable the human consciousness and intuition is, but we don’t have to wait for them to start practicing and strengthening our intuition. Here are tips on how to start listening to your intuition right now.

How to Start Listening to Your Intuition

  1. Practice making quick decisions

    A study of IKEA consumers found that those who chose a couch quickly and based on their gut feeling were more satisfied with their choice than those who researched their options and spent longer deciding. Trusting your gut is a skill that needs to be practiced daily. Everyday see if you can quickly decide things like what to eat for breakfast, what type of mascara to buy, or even what music to listen to. Don’t give your decision too much thought, just pick it and go. Then after you’ve eaten, used the mascara, or listened to the music, reflect and see if you made the right choice or not and why.

  2. Spend time in silence

    I know that this one is super difficult, especially for me because I have a million things on my to do list at any given time, but your intuition is constantly sending you messages about the people around you, your environment, what type of self care you need, what you’re passionate about, what you should be afraid of, what makes you happy, etc. The list is endless. We’re constantly flooded with these messages and if you’re always stimulated with outside noise you’re going to miss them. Even taking an hour before bed to turn off all technology and lights (just use candle light) and try not taking in any information (like don’t even read) you’ll start to hear these messages. You’ll begin to sort the data, use what’s useful, and you’ll increase self awareness.

  3. Meditate

    You can meditate during your time spent in silence if you want to, but clearing your mind of thoughts and practicing being present will also help you listen to your intuition. Meditating isn’t hippy non-sense and I’ve wrote many other posts about it if you’re interested. Simply put, meditating is paying attention. It’s a way to practice controlling your thoughts and your emotions. Your intuition might send you fear and you’ll become anxious not understanding why you’re feeling afraid. You might try to figure out where the fear is coming from on the surface and direct it towards your spouse or a coworker. Meditation will help you decode where the fear is coming from and why, for example, if your gut is telling you to fear an upcoming work presentation, then you can acknowledge the fear, dismiss it, and not create more problems (like an argument with your partner).

  4. Keep a Journal

    If you keep a journal of your emotions, thoughts, and gut feelings (perhaps write this during your time in silence) you’ll be able to start recognizing trends and triggers to those emotions, thoughts, and gut feelings and be better equipped to control those. People always sigh when I say that the only two things in life you can control are your own thoughts and your own emotions, but it’s true. It’s not easy, but if you practice controlling them you’ll get better at it.

  5. Trust your decisions

    Everything and I mean EVERYTHING happens for a reason. There is no such thing as a mistake. It was either a positive experience, or a learning experience, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Once you’ve made a decision based on your gut, roll with it. Don’t be afraid that it was the wrong choice, don’t analyze the other possibilities you could’ve chosen, and don’t stew over it. Just let it be. You can analyze it in your journal, but do that without judgement, analyze it objectively and keep practicing and trusting that everything is going according to plan. Like I always say, I’m just in the backseat, or playing defense in life. I’m listening for cues of where to go and what to do and where to focus my attention, but if life turns me in a different direction, I just trust that it’s meant to be and go with the flow. I TRUST that my intuition is guiding me down the right path.