How to Heal Your Third Eye Chakra (heal headaches, migraines, sinus problems, depression, memory problems, and more!)


Do you frequently have headaches or migraines? Do you suffer from mental illness, depression, or sleep disorders? Do you have a hard time finding your path or purpose in life? If so, you probably need to heal your third eye chakra. 

This post is the last post in a series I've written all about healing your chakras. Before you read this post please make sure you've checked out the overview post about your 7 chakras that you can read here: The 7 Chakras: An Overview and How to Heal Your Root Chakra , How to Heal Your Sacral ChakraHow to Heal Your Navel ChakraHow to Heal Your Heart Chakra, and How to Heal Your Throat Chakra. 

As I mentioned in that overview post, it is important to work on clearing, activating, and healing your chakras from the bottom up so be sure to heal your root chakra and then your sacral chakra and then your navel chakra then your heart chakra before healing your throat chakra, and do not heal your third eye chakra until the others are balanced. 

Also, I am selling healing kits that include everything you need to work on your chakras! You can find that here! I’ll also link it at the bottom of this post.

How to tell if you need to heal your third eye chakra

Your third eye chakra is located in your forehead between your eyebrows. You will know that your third eye chakra is off balanced or turned off if you have problems with headaches, sinus problems, nose/eye/ear/nervous system problems, and/or if you get colds frequently. 

You can also feel like life is meaningless, suffer from anxiety and/or depression, have a hard time concentrating and remembering, and/or if you have a hard time finding your path/passion/purpose. 

Ailments due to a blocked third eye chakra:

  • Brain diseases

  • Colds

  • Concentration problems

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Ear infenctions

  • Eye disorders

  • Headache

  • Hearing problems

  • Learning disabilities

  • Mental Illness

  • Neurological disorders

  • Poor eyesight

  • Schizophrenia

A Healthy Third Eye Chakra

You'll know your third eye chakra is healthy when you have mental clarity, intelligence, strong concentration ability, sharp vision and hearing, a strong immune system, strong intuition, wisdom, inner harmony, and know your life's purpose. 


There are many ways to heal each chakra. I will go through the common ones that usually don't need a professional. Using a professional is, however, always better. It is the difference between seeing a therapist and venting to a friend. You also might not go see a doctor for a cold and can nurse yourself back to health, but you would see a doctor for a broken arm. Same logic works for energy healing. If you have serious energy blockages that are resulting in severe depression, mood disorders, and other serious illnesses you should see a professional. Healing yourself is more for upkeep and tune-ups of your energy, not complete energy shifts. 

Use the following therapies in combination for the best effect. 

To activate your third eye chakra visualize it moving. Your third eye chakra is the second fastest moving chakra (root is the slowest, sacral moves a bit faster, etc), it spins clockwise, and each chakra moves a bit faster as you move upward. Your crown chakra moves so fast you can't tell its moving whereas your heart chakra is just a tad faster than the navel. You can watching videos/gifs of the speed to help you visualize.  

Gemstone therapy

Wearing a rough or tumbled stone against your skin is the best way to ensure the energy will be absorbed. Gemstones work by shifting the energy that passes through it or around it, similar to how sunscreen blocks UV light or how crystals are used in watches and radios. Each crystal shifts the energy differently so use these with purpose. 

Purple gemstones are going to be used for your third eye chakra (since it's purple...). For healing your third eye chakra you can use blue sapphire, opal, blue tourmaline, and amethyst. There are many other stones that heal your third eye chakra as well, but these are the most powerful for it. 

For the best result, place the gemstone directly on your skin on the chakra, in this case, your third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows.  


The best essential oils to use for your third eye chakra are cajeput, lemongrass, and violet. The important thing is that you smell it, the how isn't that important. You can diffuse it, put it in an oil burner, use it in a spray (mix witch hazel, water, and a few drops of essential oil), use it as an oil on your body (essential oil is very strong so you need to put it in a base of grape-seed, olive oil, etc.), put a few drops onto lava stones on a bracelet, the options are really endless.

For effectiveness, use these oils while you also use the other therapies. Combining all of the therapies will be the most effective. 


Affirmations harness the power of positive thinking. You're essentially telling yourself over and over what you want to happen in a positive manner. Your unconscious mind is programmed to think how it does, and it can be reprogrammed just as a computer can. If right now your mind is programmed to promote illness, positive affirmations are how you reprogram your mind to promote healing. It's really that simple. Despite the simplicity, however, I've found positive affirmations to be the most powerful method of healing. 

Affirmations to repeat right after you wake up and before you go to sleep:

  • I am in touch with my inner light

  • I let my fantasy run free

  • I listen to my inner voice

  • I look inward and recognize what is essential

You can find others online, Pintrest, or just repeat what you need to hear! I write them on my mirror, use them as my phone background, whatever I can to make sure I see them everyday. 

Energy Massage

Energy massage is a delicate-touch massage that you can do to yourself or a partner. You intertwine your fingers, laying on your back, and place your hands over the chakra you're working on. Your left hand is on the chakra (energy comes in through the left) and your right hand should be on top of the left. Energy flows through your hand chakras to your chakra. While gently massaging, breathe deeply and visualize the color of the chakra as healing light. For your third eye chakra visualize a purple, healing light illuminating your third eye chakra.  

Rubbing your hands before you begin stimulates energy. Your third eye chakra is located in-between your eyebrows, so this is where your hands should be placed. As you breathe... breathe in healing energy and breathe out negative energy. I visualize negative energy as smoke, but everyone's different so do what works for you. 

Using Plants

The type of plant will determine how you use it. I usually use tea. For healing the third eye chakra drink a large cup of lavender, rosemary, and/or eyebright tea twice per day. St. John's Wort is very effective in high doses, but you need to only use this under the care of a medical professional. 

Use these healing methods together

As I stated, using all of these methods together will be the most effective. While receiving your energy massage, repeat affirmations, have your stones on your chakra, have the oil in a diffuser, visualize the healing light, and then have a cup of third eye chakra tea afterward. 

Your third eye chakra in your routine

To keep your chakra balanced make sure that you:

  • Read philosophical literature

  • Study the works of Buddha, Lao-tsu, Plato, Schopenhauer, and other great philosophers

  • Keep a dream journal.

  • Meditate often, under the stars

  • Read fairy tales and mythology and visualize creative fantasies. Imagination awakens the third eye chakra.

  • Wear purple, keep purple items around you.

  • Work on your third eye chakra during the waning moon.


Make sure you protect yourself before you start any healing work. I wrote a post on how to smudge that you can read here. Make sure you ask your guides/angels for protection as well. 

If you have any questions about any of this please let me know!

Recommended books where I learned most of this information from:

A Handbook of Chakra Healing: Kalashatra Govinda

The Book of Chakra Healing: Liz Simpson

The Chakra Bible: Patricia Mercier

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