The 6 Crystals You Need to Get Started


I am loving how obsessed with crystals and spirituality everyone is becoming! Just in the past two weeks I’ve had four different people, in different areas of my life, ask me to give them mini-lessons on spirituality. Like I’ve been saying, we’re entering the age of Aquarius (#blessed) and it is truly to inspiring to see everyone go through their spiritual awakening.

If you’re not super sure where to even start (I get it… it’s overwhelming) and need a sense of direction I am here to help!

I’m going to start a series on crystals. I just finished a series on healing your chakras so check out those posts! Read the overview, then in this order, the root, sacral, navel, heart, throat, and third eye chakra. I’m not comfortable telling the internet how to work on their crown chakra - if you’re interested seek out a qualified shaman in your area.

Obviously, you need to know what the essential crystals are to get you started. When you first start out with your spiritual awakening, you don’t need to buy anything. Honestly. The more research I am doing on spirituality the more I am learning that there is just so much propaganda to try to get you to buy stuff, and it’s super elitist and alienates those that can’t afford to buy crystals (if that’s you, DM me!). A future post is coming on how to live a spiritual life without spending any money.

With that said, a lot of crystals really can help you focus your intention and energy and are an easier way to get the results you want (plus, they’re cute and fun!)

  1. Black Tourmaline

    This is a must, must, must. I felt such a relief the first time I used black tourmaline I almost cried. Black tourmaline is going to heal you and protect you from negative energy. I sleep with a GIANT black tourmaline right by my bed to repel energy vampires. When you’re walking by people every day, or talking to them, or near them, you’re picking up their vibrations through your aura. Black tourmaline will protect you from absorbing their negativity, and transmute the energy into an energy with higher vibrations. It will also help you ground and feel connected to earth (all black stones will). So use this stone if you feel depressed, anxious, not yourself, if you’re having trouble sleeping keep it next to your bed, and keep it with you when you’re in large crowds. You cleanse black tourmaline in the sun, in the dirt, in salt, or on selenite and charge it under a full moon.


2. Citrine

Citrine is going to help you with your sacral and navel chakras which is going to change your life. It is the ultimate healing stone. It is self-cleansing so you never have to cleanse it. It will help you discover your life’s purpose, heal physical and emotional ailments, motivate you, give you the will power to accomplish your goals, and most importantly, it will help you LET GO. Any anxiety, depression, hurt, or negativity of any kind, citrine will help you let go of it (if you’ll let it… it can’t do it automatically). My experience with this stone: I was living with an energy vampire and literally put the citrine in my bra over my heart for 24 hours. When I pulled it out I could see black specks inside the stone that weren’t there before. I showed it to my friend who is a medium and she reassured me that’s 100% normal and what citrine is supposed to do. It took the negativity from me and put it into the stone. :)


3. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the encompassing stone of love! It is going to help you love yourself, to love others unconditionally, to aid in reconciling and heighten your empathy. If you have issues with jealousy, emotional trauma, or any ailments related to your heart/circulatory system, rose quartz will help! This is a stone that I also keep next to my bed while I’m sleeping, there’s nothing like feeling unconditional love while you’re asleep. When I meet angry, bitter people I just want to hide this stone in their house or office to help make the world a better place (lol). Cleanse rose quartz on selenite, in salt, or in dirt. I would recommend not cleansing it in the sun because it can fade, though it won’t lose its power. Charge it under the full moon.


4. Selenite

Selenite is such a powerful stone. It will heal your aura, absorb negative energy from you and your environment (I keep selenite pieces all over my home and office), and help to stabilize your emotions. Selenite can also be used to help cleanse your other crystals, your tarot/oracle cards, or really anything you put near it. I have a giant wand of selenite, too, that I use to pull out energy from myself and others. You can cleanse selenite in the sun, dirt, or salt, but do not let it get wet. It is a weak stone and will disintegrate in water. You do not need to charge this stone, it is plenty powerful on its own!


5. Smoky Quartz

Unless you live on an amish farm in the 1800’s you need some smoky quartz. It not only is going to transmute negative energy and protect you like your black tourmaline, but it is also going to protect you from radiation and electromagnetic smog. I wear my smoky quartz as a necklace every day because I work at a university where I am surrounded by technology and pollution and I’ll do whatever I can to protect myself against that. It also will keep you grounded throughout the day and will alleviate depression and anxiety. Cleanse smoky quartz in the sun, in salt, or in dirt. Charge it under the full moon.


6. Quartz Crystal

Last, but not least, quartz crystal. Most light workers/shamans/witches, etc, keep lots of quartz crystal around. It will help you receive messages from your spirit guides & angels, help you listen and trust your intuition, and it will amplify the energy of the other stones around it. It will also stimulate your chakras, eliminate energy blockages, and help with energy flow. This stone is probably the most common one I see people use. You can cleanse it in the sun, the dirt, salt, and charge it under a full moon.

Buy These Crystals in My Healing Kit!

If you would like to buy all of these crystals, plus some palo santo for smudging and essential oils for aromatherapy, I have a healing kit for sale that is focused on getting you started and for protecting yourself. You can buy one here! It will also come with a card explaining how to use everything in your bag! I tried to keep the price as low as possible because, like I said, I recognize spending lots of money on crystals is not a privilege we all have.