How to Manifest Your Soul Mate


If you’re single and you’re looking for your soul mate, but can’t seem to find them even though you feel like you’re trying everything… this post is for you! I’ll walk through exactly how to manifest your dream partner and caution as to what not to do to ensure you’re not blocking them! I would say this post is going to be about half spiritual-hippy and the other half is completely down-to-earth because honestly when it comes to a life partner, you need both!

  1. Remove any blocks from love

    Here’s the spiritual part I was telling you about. I’ve become really good at telling right away whether or not a person has a block to love when we’re in person. Because this is a blog post you’re going to have to decide for yourself based on answers to the following questions:

    1. Do you have any ex’s that are still not “over” you?

    2. Do you have any ex’s that were mentally/physically abusive?

    3. Were you ever mentally/physically abused?

    4. Does your family seem to have bad luck in the love department?

    5. Do all of your relationships end badly and in the same manner (example: they all ended because they cheated on you)

    6. Do you find it hard to connect with others on an intimate level?

    If you answers yes to any of these questions, congratulations! Your bad luck in love is due to a block and not just because you’re undesirable. To remove blocks from love you will need to follow the following steps:

    1. Write your ex’s/abuser’s/family (if the family has bad luck in love) at the top of a piece of paper. I’m super extra and I like to make sure my rituals stick the first time because I don’t have loads of time to do these over and over again, so I write the name in a big-ass black sharpie at the top so spirit does not get confused.

    2. Make a list of everything about them you’re letting go of. Examples can include the pain they’ve caused you, their control over you, your anger towards them, their influence in your life, and of course don’t forget to write that you’re letting go of the block to love.

    3. SAFELY start some sort of fire. If you’re a full-blown practicing witch feel free to use your altar, if you’re just trying to live your best life and are not a practicing witch you can use a campfire or grill or whatever it truly does not matter how you burn this piece of paper - just that you do! I burn it outside because I don’t mess with blocking energy and I want mother earth to handle that, but if you burn it inside just be sure to sage or cleanse your house afterward.

    4. While you watch it burn visualize the block releasing from you and rising into the smoke and out of your life. Buh-bye block!

    5. Do something joyful. Whenever you take something out or rid of something you leave a space that needs to be filled… fill it with joy! Play some riri and twerk your heart out.

  2. Make your list

    Out with the old and in with the new! Enough about those old souls preventing us from finding love… now we can focus on your soul mate! Again, get out a sheet of paper and write down the traits your soul mate has. DO NOT focus on looks and DO NOT be too specific! You do not know better than the universe and your perfect partner might have brown hair and you wrote blonde and now you’re screwed. Instead, focus on how they make you FEEL. For example, when manifesting my soul mate, I wrote that they would be unbelievably kind, ambitious, had hobbies so they didn’t count on me to babysit them all the time, had to be self-sufficient and equally as independent as I am, they would love dogs, make me laugh, be able to cook well, I would find them incredibly attractive, and they would want to build a life with me. And you know what? That’s what I got.

    Notice that I wrote a good cook and not master chef with an expertise in rural french cooking. It’s okay to put attractive, but not has blue eyes, a button nose, and blonde hair because it is too specific. Focus on the traits that you know you can live the rest of your life with. The first thing I wrote was unbelievably kind because I cannot try to build a life with an asshole with money, and I also wrote ambitious because I cannot live the rest of my life with a kind, but lazy, person either. I know myself. If you do not know what you want then you should date with the intention that you’re trying things out to see what you like and what you don’t like. You’ll only get hurt dating if you believe every person you date is your soul mate instead of a lesson.

  3. Set your intention

    After you have written your list of what traits you want from your soul mate you need to put your attention out into the universe. Again, you can burn the letter if you want to, but whatever action you take with it is how you’re letting the universe know what you want. After I made my soul-mate list I dropped rosemary oil on it and burned it while I told the universe that I trusted it and that when it knows that I am ready, to bring them to me. Because I had worked on the next steps already my soul mate showed up two weeks later, but if it takes longer for you it is because you are not the person your soul mate needs, yet. You may have more adventures and lessons to go through before you will be the person you are meant to be when you meet them.

  4. Work on self love

    And then once your intention is set you stop thinking about it. I mean it, stop! Stop looking at every person in a cafe wondering if that’ll be them, stop assuming every date you go on is going to be with your soul mate, and stop daydreaming about what they’re going to look like and how great your life will be when you find them. Until that person shows up, and you’ll know when it happens trust me… you will not miss them, you need to make sure that you love yourself completely. This is critically important and I cannot stress this enough. People who don’t love themselves have really low vibrations and so they attract others with really low vibrations. If your soul mate is as great as they should be, they will have really high vibrations. The universe cannot bring them to you until your vibrations match. SO WORK ON YOURSELF DURING THIS WAITING PERIOD. Get in shape, get your life together, figure out what type of music brings you joy, paint, create, hang out with your family and friends, and community, READ, do all of the things that will fill you up and raise your vibrations. This is why people always say that they met their partner when they stopped looking, when they least expected it. Their partner was attracted to how secure they were, how high their vibrations were because they were focused on themselves and their own lives, they weren’t desperately looking for their soul mate. To get a 10, you have to be a 10, and 10s know who they are and what they want.

  5. Live your best life

    And lastly, just live your life! You will not overlook them I promise! On the third date with my partner I knew our vibrations matched and that we were both on the same page. I knew this was a person I could grow with. So do NOT worry that you’re missing them. Like I said, focus on you and your life and becoming the best and highest version of yourself I promise you will find them. If you’re afraid of HOW the universe will bring them to you or that you’re going to miss them then they won’t come. Fear is another block to love and until you completely trust that the universe has your back and will bring them when you’re ready, they won’t come. Just let go, trust, and focus on yourself!