How to Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires


An energy vampire, or a psychic vampire, is a person who sucks your life force energy leaving you tired and drained after being around them. Not every energy vampire is aware that they are doing this. These people have very low vibrations (vibes) and are trying to suck your energy to raise their vibrations, lowering your energy in the process.

How to Spot an Energy Vampire

These people are always around drama! If you notice that you’re always around drama and can’t figure out why, you might be an energy vampire so really assess your actions around other people to make sure it’s not you. Energy vampires play the victim role in every situation. Nothing they do is ever their fault, it is always a result of the consequences of someone else. They complain constantly and don’t practice gratitude. One of the biggest giveaways, you’ll feel so so so tired after you hang out with them.

How to Protect Yourself

Send them good energy

The first thing we want to do when these annoying people come into our lives is judge them and cut them off. Distancing yourself might be necessary, but you can always do it from a loving perspective. They’re usually not evil people, they are broken and hurting and lost. Send them loving energy and good thoughts that they’ll eventually see the light and change for the better. If you’re the energy vampire, you would want other people to do this for you.

Set strong boundaries

Boundaries are my absolute favorite piece of advice to give anyone for any reason! I wrote a post you should read on why you should set boundaries and how to enforce them that you can read here! Boundaries are where you can set limits to the amount of time you spend with energy vampires, how much energy they can take from you, and what you talk about when you’re with them. Boundaries give you permission to stand up for yourself.

Ask for Protection

You can ask your angels/guides/the universe/God/etc to protect you when you’re around them. You can imagine that there is a mirror in front of you and any negative energy they send off will reflect back on them. I do this and it’s interesting how quickly they leave me alone when they feel their own energy. I sell a protection kit that you can buy here that will come with crystals that will protect you from negative energy and smudging tools that will help you cleanse yourself of negative energy after you encounter these energy vampires. I smudge every single day and I wrote a post on smudging that you can read here.

Be self-aware

It is very important that you take time to contemplate whether or not you’re an energy vampire and/or whether or not there are energy vampires in your life. Identifying who these people are will aid in your ability to live your best life. For example, I know 100% that my great aunt is an energy vampire. I have tried to escape being around her my whole life, yet she always shows up to every single family event. She plays the victim, every problem in her life is someone else’s fault (including the government), she has no friends, and she has no immediate family of her own and yet she will spend as long as you’ll let her pointing out your flaws.

Instead of despising her as I used to, I now send her love and compassion because it is coming from a place of insecurity and resentment and it is a part of her journey to go through this. Because I am self-aware I can immediately spot when she is taking my energy and protect myself. And I can do this with all of the energy vampires in my life.

We are not going to change the world by judging those who are imperfect. We are going to change the world by adding love and light to get rid of the darkness. To do this you need to be able to see the darkness in others and in yourself and fight it with love and compassion.