Crystals That Will Bring You Success, Luck, & Money

If you feel like you’ve been having some bad luck recently, or you can’t decide what you want to do when you “grow up”, or if you’re having financial problems then these crystals can help! They’ll help you clear blockages to receiving all of the abundance your life deserves and to focus on a bright and successful future!



Citrine is the stone that will help you manifest abundance and whatever else your heart desires. It will clear your mind so you are not focusing on your money problems and therefore attracting more problems. Instead it will free your mind of doubt and allow you to visualize and manifest success and wealth. It will also help you to heal emotionally and physically as many times it is ailments that are causing blockages to success. For example, if you’re depressed it is difficult to find the energy to seek out new financial opportunities or to even sit down and make a budget. Citrine will help clear these issues so you can bring in positive energy and abundance.

Keep citrine with you when possible, I wear it on a necklace almost every day. It is the only crystal that does not need to be cleansed.



This is the lucky stone! It is going to clear, activate, and balance your heart chakra so you can feel joy. It will bring you all of the money you need for the fun things in your life that will increase your joy. Also, aventurine is a very lucky stone to bring with you for new ventures and business deals, for game night, or for situations where you need luck on your side.

Keep aventurine with you when you need it. Cleanse it in the sunlight. Charge it under the full moon.



Jade is known to be a good luck stone as well. It will bring you wisdom when making financial and life decisions. Jade is not the stone to bring when buying a lottery ticket, however. This stone is going to help you build your life with luck on your side, not to get-rich-quick. It promotes long-lasting wealth, health, and prosperity. This stone is also going to help you keep your energy levels high. Jade is in fact one of my absolute favorite stones!

Keep Jade with you when you need it, or place in your house by your front door to bring in prosperity. Cleanse in the sun. Charge under the full moon.



Sodalite is the stone for peace and understanding and is known to bring epiphanies. If you’re in need of a breakthrough or need help writing, or help with research or giving speeches, then this stone will help! Sodalite is also very helpful in alleviating stress and helping you feel confident. Sodalite is also good for inspiration and creativity.

Keep sodalite with you when you need it. Cleanse in the sun. Charge under the full moon.

Tiger’s Eye


Tiger’s eye is the stone that will give you the confidence to take action in your life. It will also help you to think outside of the box and it will help you think of clever ways to get ahead. Tiger’s eye is the stone of willpower so whatever you need to do to be successful, tiger’s eye will give you the courage and energy to do it!

Keep tiger’s eye with you when you need it. Cleanse it in the sun. Charge it under the full moon.


Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz is going to strengthen your intuition and help you receive messages from your angels and higher self. If you don’t know where your life’s path is meant to go, quartz will help you discover your purpose. Clear quartz also amplifies the energy of the crystals around it so you can use it to super charge any of your other crystals. I bring quartz with me when I need help from my guides in a situation. It may seem like my life is “lucky”, but really I just listen to messages and guidance from my guides/angels and clear quartz helps you listen!

Keep quartz with you when you need it. Cleanse in the sun. Charge under the moon.

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