Smudging: A Quick Quide To Ridding Your Life of Negative Energy

What is Smudging?

To put it simply smudging is just correcting energy. There are many different ways you can smudge to rid negative energy or to bring in positive energy, etc. It's an ancient ritual that has been practiced throughout the history of humankind.

There are many ways to correct energy such as bells, drums, and smoke (smudging). One day I'll probably end up using all of these methods, but for now I just use smoke. You can use dried sage, Palo Santo, sweet grass, and Tibetan incense for energy correction. Sage, Palo Santo, and many kinds of incense rid yourself, your home, your pets (really anything) of negative energy. Sweet grass and other types of incense bring in good energy.

How to Smudge

To smudge yourself you want to burn your medium (sage, palo santo, etc) and make sure all of your windows/doors are closed. You need to make sure the negative energy is expelled, with a window open it can hide. You want to first take the burning sage or whatever and make an outline of your body (kind of like a chalk outline for dead bodies). Then you'll "color it in" both your front and back sides. I spend most of my time on my stomach and head because that's where I feel the most negative energy hiding, but spend more time on the places where you feel it needs more.

To smudge your home you want to simply take your burning medium and do the outline of each room first and then "color it in" spending more time in places where you feel negative energy. I usually spend a lot of time over my bed (because when you sleep you're unprotected and negative energy knows it) and in my closet because what I wear holds negative energy too.

Once you have gotten out the bad energy you can use sweet grass or various types of incense to bring positive energy back into the room or to yourself. This is a great ritual to do right when you get home so you shed off the world's negativity and bring in positivity for yourself and your family to feel at peace.

Also, keep in mind that in the beginning you might hurt. I always got raging headaches in the front of my head. This is a GOOD thing. It means the energy is leaving. Negative energy doesn't want to let go so it's putting up a fight. My recommendation is to keep smudging until it stops hurting and then you'll have won.

When to Smudge

I literally smudge every single day. If I'm feeling cranky or not like myself I know it's time to smudge. If I can't meditate I know I need to smudge. We gather energy, good and bad, all day long just from being in other people's auras (each aura is 3 feet so if you're within that length you're essentially sucking up someone's energy).

If you watch something on TV that's sad or makes you angry it's because you're picking up on those vibrations (vibes). Whenever you're feeling like you're having a bad day (which isn't a thing, your energy is off), or if you feel like you're out of balance because you keep dropping everything or tripping then your energy is off and you need to smudge.

Last Notes

You can buy any of the mediums I mentioned to smudge with online or at crystal/new age shops, or even health foods stores sometimes have little kits you can buy. My advice is just to try it once and I promise you'll be hooked. You'll feel better almost instantly. Now it's like as soon as I get home I can't wait to smudge and feel like myself again.

If you have any questions at all about what to buy or what to do reach out and I'd love to help.