How I Got My Energy Back

This is not going to be another bullshit post about how people got their energy back by eating salads and training for a marathon. I'm going to list out exactly how I went from sleeping for 12 hours and feeling like I didn't sleep at all, walking around all day like a zombie, and having to cancel all of the plans I made because I was constantly sick to having enough energy to hike 12 miles, go home and shampoo my carpets, give my dog a bath, and then go out with friends (which I did a few weeks ago).

Vitamin B12 Shots

If you follow me on Snapchat you know that I'm obsessed with these. There are so many benefits to taking B12 including cancer protection, it's good for your skin, hair, and nails, high blood pressure, digestive system, nutrient absorption (and many more...), but most of all... ENERGY.

I don't eat a lot of meat (like almost none) and that's the only place where you can find B12. And even if you do eat meat... it's not enough B12 to increase your energy dramatically. There are places where you can go to get vitamin "cocktails", but those suckers are like $15 a pop and I am taking two shots per day so I can't afford that lifestyle.

I asked my doctor for a prescription for the B12 and I give myself the shots. It comes out to about $1.50 per shot and I can totally do that. TBH... just doing these shots is going to triple your current energy levels. If you do nothing else... do this.


I'm going to preach meditation until every single person in the world is meditating because that's a world I want to live in. Meditation is the human form of restarting your computer when you have too many applications running and it starts to fritz or run super slow. You NEED to meditate to give your brain a break, a restart. You don't have to commit any more than 5 minutes per day (that's where I started).  You can read my other post Why Badass Bitches Meditate Every Single Day for an in-depth explanation on why you need to and how to meditate.

I'm up to 15 minutes per day now and the more time I devote to meditating the more energy I have. The more energy I have the more productive I am. It all connects. I also make sure to ground myself throughout the day (read more about grounding here).


I literally just started by watching 10 minute beginner videos. Now if I don't do yoga in the morning and before bed I'm so cranky. I know myself and training for a marathon is never going to be on my dream board. I'm a Yoga/Pilates exerciser and I will proudly wear that badge.

Moving on... if you sit all day this is crucial. Yoga helps your body clear out toxins that hide in your muscles from a sedentary lifestyle. It also increases endorphins so goodbye depression and hello positive energy.

Quitting Caffeine

I can just picture everyone reading this post just scrolling right past this one, but hear me out. I was addicted to coffee, if I didn't have a cup of coffee within an hour of waking up I had a monstrous headache. And if I didn't have a second cup at some point later in the day I was completely exhausted.

Quitting caffeine trained my body to stop relying on coffee to stay awake and stay energized. Plus now my morning routine is shorter because I don't have to worry about making coffee. And at 3pm I'm not falling asleep in my desk chair. 

It was a bitch to quit... three days straight of throbbing headaches and being super cranky, but now it's so worth it because I have full energy all day long.

Quitting Alcohol

I was never a huge drinker to begin with, but all those nights I went out and partied made sure I was tired and recovering for the next few days. I'm sick and tired of girls drinking their life away and then wondering why they're always tired, why their skin looks terrible, and why they're gaining weight and can't lose it. I am living proof that it is possible to go out and have fun without taking one sip of alcohol. The best part is the next morning when I wake up feeling great because my body doesn't have to try to force the toxins I drank the previous night out of my body.


I'm going to make a video about my Kambo experience all in due time. This is NOT going to be for everyone, but at least after reading this you'll be aware of what it is.

In a nutshell Kambo is a poison secreted from a frog in South America. Practitioners put the poison on your skin, the Kambo goes into your body and finds what your body needs to get rid of and you purge it out. This includes physical and metaphysical illnesses.

Let me just say that before Kambo I was ALWAYS sick, ALWAYS tired, and I had crazy mood swings from all of the negative energy that attached itself to me throughout my life. Kambo helped me to purge all of this out. I haven't been sick since, I get tired like a normal person now, and I feel like my true self for the first time since I can remember.

Do some more research on this if you're interested, I highly recommend it. You're also welcome to ask me any questions about it. If you're in Arizona Kim Mathis is the person to go see, she's the bomb!


I made a conscious decision to do more of what brings me joy and to ignore anything that drains my energy. I'm focusing on my relationships. I stopped watching the news. I spend more time outside. I stopped hanging out with energy vampires. I send people who are mean, selfish, greedy, etc, love (I mean they need it the most). I stopped watching doom-ridden documentaries. I started watching solution-based documentaries. And I decided to change myself instead of the people around me, my community, and the world in general. And I am putting effort into the people and the things that make me laugh.