How to Ground Yourself To Be Happier & More Productive

A very simple explanation of grounding is simply putting yourself back in balance. If you notice that you're feeling disconnected, light headed, tired, dazed, etc... you need to ground. Signs that tell me I need to ground myself are when I am constantly daydreaming, or I'll drive home and I can't remember the drive, or I become a horrible listener.

You kind of get where I'm going with this right? You know how this feels. You're so tired, and unfocused and you're feeling burnt out. Well there's good news because I have the solution... grounding.

Here are some ways you can ground -- I use ALL of them!


There are lots of yoga poses you can use to ground yourself. This site has 5 yoga poses you can do for grounding including warrior II and tree pose. Mountain pose is my go-to simply because I can do it anywhere, including work, and nobody knows that I'm doing yoga to ground myself. ;)


I wrote a post about meditation here... but you need to meditate at least 5 minutes every day. There is a reason why successful people swear by meditation... it works! Just 5 minutes and I am a completely different person because I am grounded. Since I'm visual, while I'm meditating (in lotus pose) I imagine tree roots growing out of my body and down into the center of the Earth to connect with Mother Nature. Just five minutes of that visual connection and I can use her (Mother Nature's) energy throughout my day.


Eat earthy foods like root vegetables and fruit. Drink herbal tea. Even chocolate helps. I want to use this section to bring up prevention though... if you eat high-anxiety foods like red meat, processed foods, dairy, or anything else your nutritionist is going to tell you to stop eating then you are going to find yourself feeling more anxious and needing to ground yourself more often. Stay away from these foods as much as possible.


All nature counts. Go for a walk, put your bare feet on the Earth, hike, swim, bird watch... I don't care. Connecting with nature grounds you almost instantly.


A few crystals that help with grounding are jasper, onyx, tourmaline and smokey quartz. There are many that offer grounding properties. P.S. Using crystals isn't a placebo effect or a hippie thing. Energy (which has been scientifically proven, thank you Einstein) is altered as it flows through crystals. This is why we use crystals in radios and watches. Different crystals change the energy in different ways. The reason you need to ground yourself is because you have messy energy that needs to be organized... and crystals can do that for you.

Salt Baths

Literally any salt. Salt is an Earth mineral and will help you ground. I like Epsom salt if I have sore muscles or Pink Himalayan Salt (because I can buy it in bulk for $2 a pound at my local health food store). Do double duty and meditate in the bath with your crystals next to you and you're going to feel a brand new person, trust me.


You can read how to smudge here! Buy some white sage or incense and burn it. Let the smoke surround you and you can smudge your home, your car, your pets, and afterward you'll feel better. Sage essentially gets rid of negative energy. Make sure you keep your windows and doors closed when you smudge so that the energy is actually forced out instead of into hiding. You're trying to smother it back into its lower dimension, not outside. If you're feeling really spiritual you can burn sweet grass afterward to bring in positive, good, healthy energy. Again... I smudge myself every single day.

When to Ground

Every day. If you've had a stressful day, come home and ground yourself. If you're studying for a test ground yourself when you feel your attention wandering. If you're going to be meeting new people or going into an uncomfortable situation grounding will help you be your true self in that situation.


All I can really say to end this post is once you do it one time you're going to become addicted. You're welcome.