The 5 Essential Oils You NEED To Always Keep In Your House and How To Use Them

I have been obsessed with essential oils for as long as I can remember. I burn them, diffuse them, eat them, use them in skin care, use them for healing, for cleaning, EVERYTHING. One of the best things the internet has given us is the ability to have any essential oil we want delivered to our doorstep within days. I make a lot of oils myself, but I realize not everyone has time for that. So the next time you're at a store like Whole Foods or making an Amazon order make sure you add these 5 oils!

P.S. I keep a huge spreadsheets of all herbs and essential oils, how to use them, what they do, etc. So I'm going to add a lot of that information here. Email me or Snapchat me (feelthesunlight) if you're using these for the first time and I'll help walk you through any of these techniques.

1. Lavender

I go through lavender oil like it's nobody's business. This is one that I even make myself just to have a stock pile of it. Lavender is one of the safest oils, too, so not a lot can go wrong with experimenting if you're a first-timer.

Lavender helps with relaxation, insomnia, depression, digestion, skin care, hair parasites, blood circulation, urine creation, bacterial Infection (bladder, bowel, ear, gum, sinus, skin, throat, & wounds), pain relief (numbing, anti-inflammatory, & relaxation), headaches, stress, viral infection (cough, cold & flu), anxiety, panic, panic attacks, acne, bruising, scars, stretchmarks, and it cleans mold & fungus.

To use lavender you can put it in your oil diffuser to help you sleep, in your tea to help with internal infections or insomnia, dilute it in a base (like coconut oil, lotion or EVOO) and apply to your skin for acne or headaches, and mix it with water to clean mold and fungus. I use all of these methods, but there are so many more uses for it, too!

2. Peppermint

Oh. My. Peppermint. This magical EO is my number one favorite. It's the first I ever bought and I've never let myself run out since. I keep a bottle in my purse, a bottle in my room, and a bottle with my laundry soap. I keep peppermint around like most people keep chapstick... lol.

Peppermint helps with upset stomach, IBS, congestion, pain (warming & stimulating), nausea, lice, scalp conditions, stress, alertness, headaches, fatigue, exhaustion, mental burnout, memory, concentration, focus, and it's an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, AND anti-viral.

To use peppermint you can again put in in your oil diffuser to help with headaches or to cleanse the air of toxins, put a few drops in hot water for any of the internal problems mentioned above like a headache or upset tummy. You can dilute it with a base for acne, headaches or with water as a cleaner. I put a few drops in my laundry soap with each wash to kill any bacteria or viruses (plus it smells soooo clean and fresh afterward). There are tons of uses for it that I haven't mentioned, but again these are my MAIN uses.

3. Thyme

I'm obsessed with Thyme (obviously... that's why it's on the list).

Thyme helps with bacterial Infection (wounds), pain relief (warming & stimulating), viral infection (cough, cold & flu), immunity, AND it cleans like bleach.

I put thyme in whatever foods I can, but there are two main uses I have for the EO. The first is when I have a cough. A few drops in some hot water with a slice of lemon and I can sleep the whole night. It's a cough suppressant though, so only use it if your cough is dry (like a tickle), DO NOT SUPPRESS YOUR COUGH IF IT HAS MUCUS! You need to get that mucus up and out for the infection to be gone.

ANYWAYS... the second use is for cleaning. DUDE. Thyme works JUST LIKE BLEACH. Scientifically it does the exact same thing bleach does. So put a few drops in some cleaner (that preferably also has citrus oil in it) and use it to kill any fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses, yellowing, ANYTHING. The best part... bleach has to be rinsed off and thyme doesn't. Plus is smells superrrrrr good, unlike bleach.

4. Eucalyptus

Moving along... YOU (*claps) NEED (*claps) EUCALYPTUS (*claps) ASAP (*claps). I use eucalyptus ALMOST as much as I use lavender.

Eucalyptus helps with respiratory inflammation, cough, asthma, bronchitis, sinus pain, it's antiseptic, an insect repellent, wounds, burns, ulcers, stress, anxiety, bacterial Infection (bladder, bowel, ear, gum, sinus, skin, throat & wounds), viral infection (cough, cold & flu).

To use eucalyptus you can put it in a hot bath or in an oil diffuser for relaxation, a cough, a cold, the flu, a headache, or congestion. It is what they put in Vick's vapor rub so you can make your own by putting Eucalyptus (plus menthol if you have it) with Vaseline and you have your own vapor rub. For infections it needs to be applied topically, not ingested, so mix it with a base and rub it over the infected area.

5. Lemon

When live gives you lemons make an essential oil out of them because it is so helpful!

Lemon helps with deodorizing, digestion, immunity, relaxation, concentration, bacterial iInfection (bladder, bowel, ear, gum, sinus, skin, throat & wounds), depression, pain relief (relaxation), stress, viral infection (cough, cold & flu), fatigue, exhaustion, mental burnout, fear, memory, focus, and oily skin.

The main use I have for lemon is in my oil diffuser to purify the air and increase my focus, energy and boost my mood. I loveeeee lemon tea too, I add a few drops to hot water and it'll help any internal infection, boost your immune system, and help with fatigue. It's the shit.

Again let me know if you're using any of these for a first time and I'd be more than happy to help you! There are so many great essential oils, but these are the ones I never let run out for the reasons listed above. If you have any questions whatsoever comment below or email me and I'd be happy to answer! :)