21+ Things Your Doctor Doesn't Want You To Know

Along with being a professional sleeper I also know a thing or two about being sick. I also spent quite a few years without health insurance, which led me to a holistic doctor and natural alternatives to medicine since I couldn't afford the western versions. Here is the holy list of most of the things I have learned thus far... and I will probably continue to add a bunch of stuff as I continue learning. The links are set to all of the brands that I personally use (and I'm not getting paid to put them on here so you can trust that they actually work!)

Disclaimer... I am not a doctor (obviously) these are just suggestions and tales of my experience. Do with them what you will...

Acne/ Skin Care

Terrible skin has been a struggle of mine for literally as long as I can remember and when I say I have tried everything... I mean literally everything... I ended up needing topical cream for my face, but the average person shouldn't need it, you can probably just try one of these things.


Every day use a sulfur/zinc oxide soap. It'll get rid of the fungus on your face and just help overall glow! Three times per week also use a charcoal based soap, too. It'll clear out your pores and is so refreshing. If you have acne on your body then definitely use Oxywash. You need benzyl peroxide because it's super stubborn. And make sure to exfoliate often! Get a super exfoliating loofa sponge and go to town. 

Spearmint Tea

If you breakout just around your period then it's hormonal acne. Spearmint will help reduce these flair ups and I promise it works like a charm. I drink 3 cups of spearmint tea per day the week before I'm about to start my period, and about 1 cup per day all other times. Mostly I just love the taste so I drink it all the time. Plus.. it helps with digestion and is good for your immune system, which is cool. If this doesn't do it for you then you may need birth control so talk to your OBGYN. 

Watch out for what's touching your face

Disinfect your phone, stop touching your face (period!), wash your pillow cases at least once per week, wash your make up brushes constantly (I wash mine after every use), clean your sunglasses, etc.

Stop eating shitty foods

There are multiple different types of acne... one type comes from eating foods high in sugar, grease, and fat. Keep your liver clean so it doesn't feel like it needs to notify you that it's hurting through acne. Eat lots of anti inflammatory foods (pomegranate, ginger, leafy greens, etc) instead.

Spot Treatment

When you get a pimple you don't need to do a whole face mask. You don't want to dry out your face because it'll produce more sebum and clog your pores leading to even more pimples. When you get one, just use a spot treatment. The best one I've found is just straight up tea tree oil. You never want to put straight oil onto your whole face, but if you put a drop of tea tree oil on a Q-Tip and put it directly on the pimple not only will it dry it up over night, but it will also put a barrier on your skin to prevent bacteria from getting in or out. It's the bomb.

If all of this doesn't work

Then for real try Curology. I've been using it and it's subscription based, so you pay $20 per month but you have your own dermatologist who will help you whenever you need it and it includes all of the consultations, creams, shipping, everything. If you have horrible skin and nothing natural is doing it... this is the way to go. If you have super great insurance you can go to a dermatologist.. but since I didn't for so long I chose this option!

For EVEN better skin

Even if your skin doesn't have blemishes you can make it glow and feel soft with two products that were originally pitched by two Victoria's Secret models and I've tried them and I'm obsessed. The first is Gelatin capsules, if you take them with your vitamins they help your skin, nails, hair, everything. The second is Rose Hip Oil, it's seriously the shit. I use it as a night moisturizer and it helps even skin tone, reduces blemishes, and it's anti-aging which is cool.

Strep Throat

So if you're like me and you still have your tonsils then you'll know you have strep throat if your tonsils looks like this. According to my holistic doctor, and much personal experience, you don't always have to go to the doctor for strep. Children and elderly probably should, but if your immune system is generally okay then the strep will be gone in about three days as long as you let your fever run to kill the bacteria in your body. This works with almost any illness that comes with a fever... when you have a fever keep your body hot and as long as it stays under 104 degrees it's killing the bug, over 104 degrees you should see a doctor.

Xylitol also is amazing for strep! Biotene has xylitol in it and you can gargle with it, or you can buy it straight up from a health foods store. It's a sugar substitute so it tastes good with some throat coat tea too! The reason why you want lots of it is because it works like Velcro for the bacteria, it leaps off of your tonsils and onto the xylitol and then your body can kill it.

Licorice Root is also the shit! It helps your adrenal glands detox, numbs your throat so it doesn't hurt so bad to swallow, and it will help your body fight the infection. This is a staple for me, I always have bottles of it in my house. It's also in throat coat tea if that's more your speed.


So I'm expert on mono... well at least I'd like to think so. I have the EBV virus so I get mono at least twice a year... although I've pretty much found the cure to it!

First of all if you have mono YOU NEED TO SLEEP. A lot... like 10 hours a night minimum! Also... no hard exercise because your spleen is enlarged and it could rupture. The best thing you can do if you're like me and you have mono often is buy Lauricidin it makes the virus essentially go dormant so you don't get flair ups. If this is a one time occurrence then drink lots of carrot juice, ginger, and just try to give your immune system everything it needs to get better, mainly rest. Also peppermint tea is antiviral and since mono is a virus it's one of the only things that can help. Throat coat tea, again, will help your symptoms.


The first thing I need you to do is go out and buy magnesium and iron supplements literally right now and you need to take them every day with your vitamins. They won't really help your cramps if you take it when you have them, but if they are built up in your system before you start your period then it'll really help. Also throw out your acetaminophen pain killer, it's doing literally nothing for you. You need an anti inflammatory pain killer, like IB Profin, to have any relief.

Next... CHUG WATER, I mean literally chug it. Why do you think they make you drink a bunch of water when you give blood? It'll help blood flow much easier. PLUS if you're taking IB Profin it's processed through your kidneys so you need to keep flushing them too.

Next... break out the heating pad and time yourself... 30 minutes on 30 minutes off. You can't keep the heating pad on full time (unfortunately) because the heat increases blood flow to an unhealthy level if left for too long. Since it helps to move around I would say to move around in the 30 minutes off (although if you have cramps like I used to this is pretty much impossible). If you need to work and get stuff they have heating versions of icy hot patches that work pretty well. You can get them here.

If your cramps are debilitating then you should ask your OBGYN for a birth control that will help, that's what I've done and it's saved my life. I did this only AFTER I tried absolutely everything else. It'll also help your skin if you get the right kind.


There is only one thing you need to do if you get a UTI... go to your local health food store and buy D-Mannose. This is the most amazing thing in the world.. and girls you know these are so common for us so I'm telling you keep a bottle in your fridge AT ALL TIMES (they have to be refrigerated). When you first begin to feel the symptoms take two pills and drink lots of water and it'll go away. The best part is you can't overdose on them... so if it's already pretty bad you can just take two pills every 2 hours or whatever until it's gone. I swear to you this is a game changer. It works a lot like Xylitol does for strep. UTI bacteria has like little fingers that stick to your urinary tract, and this is why it's so common for them to reoccur, antibiotics don't always get all of the bacteria. D-Mannose also works like Velcro, it's the active ingredient in cranberry juice (without all the sugar and super concentrated) so the bacteria jumps off of your UT and onto the D-Mannose and you pee it out! Also make sure you're not sipping water, but actually chugging it! You need to flush it all out so just chug like 16oz of water at one time.

Yeast Infections

So you're getting these most likely from being on too many antibiotics. See... when you take antibiotics it kills the good bacteria too, including the flora necessary to keep your flower healthy. So you need to only take antibiotics if absolutely necessary (which is why I don't recommend taking them for strep when your body can kill it itself).

First things first wear panty liners until the infection is gone. Once it is either toss out your underwear or boil them to kill all of the fungus because just washing them isn't going to do shit and they'll keep coming back.

Next get a bottle of Pro Flora. It'll help put the good bacteria into your body so it can clean itself. Vaginas are amazing and self-cleaning so you don't need to constantly be using Summer's Eve and Vagisil and stuff. It's also good to take this if you like to wear leggings or spandex 24/7 because your flower needs to breathe so if you're not allowing that it may need some help.

Flu/Cold/Weak Immune System

Okay so get ready... You need to start out with Oregano Oil. It's the shit, when you're traveling or feel like your getting sick this will kick it. Garlic will too, but my tummy is too weak for garlic supplements so I just try to eat garlic-y things. Also to keep your immune system high you need to constantly be in-taking healthy micro nutrients so eat leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, etc. You already know this. Apple Cider Vinegar, Tumeric, and cherry bark help boost immunity as well. 

The real secret... try to limit stress. Stress causes your cortisol levels to rise, which leeches Vitamin C from your body. If you are stressed that's when you turn to foods that are high in Vitamin C (Kiwi, Lemon, etc) and take Airborne or Emergen-C to keep from getting sick. And SLEEP. Your body detoxes while you sleep.

Stop touching your eyes, nose, and mouth! These are the most common places for bacteria to get into your body and make you sick! And if you're not vigorously scrubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds when you wash them you are just wasting water. Make sure you take the time to wash your hands properly, like under your nails, up your arm, and lathering for at least 20 seconds (turn off the water while your lathering to save water please).

I take Vitamins like an 80 year old takes medication. To list the ones I take every single day - magnesium (periods), vitamin a (skin), gelatin (skin, hair, nails), vitamin c (immune system), folic acid (because birth control leeches folic acid), vitamin d (because I'm not in the sun enough and it's VITAL for your immune system and preventing depression [p.s. take with fatty food like eggs, peanut butter, chicken, etc]), flax seed oil (helps regulate my metabolism, skin, immunity), oregano oil (for immunity since I'm around people 24/7), Lauricidin (because I have EBV). 

Update 02/14/2017: The best thing I've done for my health is ask my doctor to prescribe B12 shots that I can give myself. There are plenty of "vitamin cocktail" places you can go to and get vitamin shots, but they cost around $15 per shot and with how many I need I would need to be a millionaire to afford them. It costs around $65 for around 50 shots which is WAY more affordable. I don't eat a lot of meat, in fact I eat almost none at this point, so I need B12 for energy and to keep my immune system chugging along. I was sick for a month straight with some sort of cough-allergy-flu thing that doctors couldn't recognize and taking two shots (1cc of B12 per shot) per day helped in just 3 days and I'm sleeping so much more efficiently.


MOST of the time if you have a headache you're dehydrated. The water you drink while taking medication often helps more than the medication itself. If you have a headache go ahead and chug a shit ton of water. If you don't feel better in 30 minutes then the second most common headache is tension. You need to stretch! And preferably have someone give you a neck massage. Aromatherapy also works so if you take a hot bath and put some eucalyptus and lavender oils into the tub and soak for a while that'll definitely help. Then take a nap and it should be done when you wake up.

If you get chronic headaches make sure you're not kinking your neck while your sleeping or clenching your jaw. And again try to limit your stress. If you can't lighten the load then you need to exercise, get regular massages, and stretch! Stressed people should be the most flexible to reduce pain. If you're on birth control you should talk to your OBGYN about lowering the estrogen level of your birth control, too much estrogen causes headaches/migranes, too.

Acid Reflux

You need to eat more anti inflammatory foods and lower your intake of meat, grease, sugar, and cholesterol. Also don't take antacids they're horrible for your digestive lining! If you get acid reflux regularly then you need to drink a glass of lemon water (8oz with half a lemon squeezed into it) in the morning before you eat anything. It coats your stomach, puts good acid into your stomach, and will help with detoxing and digestion. DON'T drink milk, it's not a base, the lactic acid will make it worse. Stay away from dairy until your symptoms subside. Grapefruit will also help, incorporate it into your diet.


Like I said, I'll be adding more so keep checking back! I'm also always looking for more remedies so if you have one you swear by comment please!