Healing Kit: Love, Self Love, Romance, Love for Others

Healing Kit: Love, Self Love, Romance, Love for Others

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I’ve made these healing kits so you can have all the tools to heal your ailments in one complete kit. This particular kit is designed to help you with love, self love, romance, and your love for others. In this kit you will receive palo santo for smudging, black tourmaline, jade, rose quartz, a selenite heart, moonstone, tiger’s eye, and an essential oil roller with a blend of orange, ylang ylang and lavender for aromatherapy. With your kit you will also get a card shown in the pictures that will explain how to use each of your tools!

Because crystals and palo santo are natural, not every bag will have the exact stone shown in the picture. There will be slight variation in size and color. Crystals, however, are meant to find you and the crystals that come in your bag were destined to be yours even if they don’t match the photo!

Also, because of the nature of crystals and their energy absorbing properties, no returns are accepted. If you are unhappy with your purchase, email me and we will work something out!

Disclaimer: These products are not meant to take the place of a medical professional. You should still consult your doctor about any medical problems you might be having.

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