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Why I Chose To Be A Minimalist

I decided about 4 years ago to be a minimalist, and here’s why. 

To Save Money

This one is obvious, the less stuff you buy, the more money you have. For me, I decided the money that I traded for each hour of my life was better spent on good food, good views, and good times.

To Heal My Soul

I was really struggling with the fact that I was calling myself a good person, while I was buying clothes and electronics made in sweat shops. In case you were wondering what you learn as a Political Science major, it is basically just class after class about how greedy companies are destroying the world. The less stuff I bought, the better I could feel about myself because I wasn’t supporting an industry I didn’t believe in.

To De-clutter

One of my favorite quotes is “I spring clean my schedule, not my house”. I grew up with a Type-A mom who kept a very clean, organized house. What this taught me was that organized clutter is still clutter. My brain works like my space, and if my space looks like it’s suffocating from all the clutter, then my brain feels the same way. Minimizing my space was key to reducing my anxiety.

To Be Mobile

I move a lot, or at least I moved a lot in college. In case you’re all wondering, I hate moving. The less stuff I own, the easier it is to move and the less stressed out I feel about having a mobile lifestyle. This last move I made would have made the moving angels weep with joy. It took me about 2 hours to pack and 2 hours to unpack, clean, and decorate my new place. That peace of mind is priceless.

To Have Focused Priorities

It was important for me to minimalize my life as well as my things. Ridding my life of drama, excess stress and responsibilities, and distractions made me so much more productive. I can focus on what I’ve made a priority in my life now and have a life with quality, valuable experiences.