50 Ways to Practice Self-Love


1. Make a list of the simple pleasures in your life and be grateful for them

2. Make a sacred place in your house for meditation, relaxation, oracle cards, etc

3. Take time out of your day to spend in that sanctuary place

4. Watch the sunset and just breathe

5. Write yourself a love letter

6. Start a self-love journal and write three things you're proud of yourself for every day

7. Meditate before you go to sleep

8. Drink LOTS of water

9. Make a list of your strengths and tell yourself that when people bring up your weaknesses

10. Get a psychic/spiritual reading - are you happy with your current life's path?

11. Smudge and clear out bad vibes

12. Make a meal-plan with foods you love AND healthy foods

13. Call an old friend or loved one you haven't talked to in a while and catch up

14. Literally feel the sunlight, sit in the sun, suck up the vitamin D, smile

15. Have a self-care day

16. Watch a comedy - or something to make you laugh

17. Make a clear and conscious decision to bring more joy into your life

18. Stretch

19. Make a dream board and write down small goals you can work towards to make them a reality

20. Make a list of things that stress you out and work towards blocking them from doing so

21. Make some sort of art

22. Don't use social media for a week (I promise this one does wonders!) literally delete the apps from your phone

23. Start the habit of saying no to things and people you don't want to spend time on

24. Cut out TV for a week

25. Make love sticky notes and put them on your mirrors, cupboards, etc

26. Start working out -- even 5 minutes a day

27. Start meditating -- even 5 minutes a day

28. Remind yourself that you not only aren't perfect, but that you don't need or want to be

29. Get a massage if you can afford it, or ask someone to give you one

30. Stop comparing yourself to others

31. Look back on how much you've grown throughout your life and be proud of that

32. Garden

33. Tell yourself "I love you"

34. Start saying thank you to yourself (sounds cheesy but just try it)

35. Start saying thank you to others for even the smallest things

36. Make a Badass Bitch playlist with songs that make you feel good about yourself

37. Listen to your Badass Bitch playlist

38. Write a letter to someone who makes you feel any strong emotion

39. Take a day for yourself (I have a post 100 things to do alone)

40. Seek therapy and go routinelyΒ 

41. Try out deep breathing - even when you feel calm

42. Write down your favorite self-love affirmations

43. Pick one affirmation per day and write it somewhere you will see it often & repeat it to yourself every time you see it

44. Go to bed early

45. Wear clothes that make you feel confident

46. Remind yourself to feel your emotions and remind yourself that you're entitled to them

47. Take the time in the morning to do whatever will make you feel good about yourself

48. Make a list of hobbies that bring you joy and plan them into your life

49. Spend time in nature, ground

50. Stop doing things that do not make you feel good about yourself