100 Things To Do Alone

Being comfortable alone is the difference between mature and immature people. Learning how to be alone is one of the most important things we need to practice to be independent and well-rounded individuals. It will also help increase your self-awareness. Here's a list of 100 things you can do alone if you're having trouble thinking of what to do.

1. Clean

2. Budget

3. Take personality tests

4. Binge watch a TV show

5. Research your zodiac sign

6. Do a social media cleanse

7. Purge your house (declutter)

8. Watch YouTube videos and tutorials

9. Declutter your social media, emails, etc.

10. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure

11. Turn off all of your electronics and wifi for one day and enjoy being off the grid

12. Create a "good vibes" playlist

13. Make a to-do list of things that need to be done around your home

14.  Work on self-healing and inner self care

15. Have a picnic

16. Go for a hike

17.  Meditate

18. Stay at an airbnb by yourself

19. Go to a crystal shop and buy one that speaks to you

20. Start a bullet journal

21. Get a massage

22. Zentangle

23. Go to a free or inexpensive concert

24. Try a local coffee shop, get the barista's favorite drink, and people watch

25. Feng Shui your house

26. Go see a movie

27. Do yoga

28. Smudge your home with sage

29. Take a nap without setting an alarm

30. Paint or color a coloring book

31. Go to a local event in your area

32. Purge expired food, medicine, make up, etc. 

33. Meal prep for the week

34. Take a cooking class

35. Make a terrarium

36. Write a letter to someone you haven't forgiven, burn it with a bay leaf that you've written "forgiveness" on, and let it go

37. Test teas at Teavana

38. Read a book

39. Look through photo albums

40. Get a facial

41. Get an oil diffuser, essential oils, and learn how to use them

42. Get a smoothie, juice or bowl (this one always cheers me up :))

43. Start a dream journal

44. Take a road trip to another city in your state

45. Make a list of habits you want to change

46. Plan out how to change those habits

47.  Take a martial arts class

48. Take a class to learn how to dance

49. Research survival skills

50. Learn how to play an instrument

51. Watch TV shows from your childhood

52. Take a self-defense class

53. Stretch

54. Do a Sudoku

55. Make a vision board

56. Do the crossword

57. Plan a trip

58. Do a puzzle

59. Sign up for a free online course

60. Research mental illness and how to be more tolerant towards it

61. Find a mentor

62. Learn about another culture or religion

63. Go to a museum

64. Start a side hustle

65. Eat samples at Costco

66. Walk barefoot in nature

67. Workout

68. Prioritize and declare your boundaries

69. Ground

70. Organize

71. Go to an open mic night

72. Write a letter to your future self

73. Reflect on your emotions, thoughts, and resilience

74. Bake

75. Drink green tea

76. Create a meditation area in your home (peaceful, calming, with crystals)

77. Make a list of power words that speak to you

78. Make a bucket list

79. Go wine tasting

80. Watch a documentary

81. Refurbish an old piece of furniture

82. Start a food diary

83. Write a letter

84. Play with animals at a shelter

85. Create bags of goodies to keep in your car to pass out to homeless folks you pass by

86. Write a short story

87. Create a morning routine

88. Garden (or start one!)

89. Create a night routine

90. Cook something new

91. Do something festive for whatever holiday is coming up

92. Go to brunch (and drink mimosas or bloody marys without guilt)

93. Start a blog

94. Do a face mask

95. Subscribe and listen to podcasts

96. Take a bath (one with pink Himalayan salt and rose petals and everything)

97. Solo-date

98. Stargaze - learn the constellations

99. Start writing a book

100. Go to a thrift store