Why Millennials DON'T Suck

I’m sick and tired of the harsh stereotyping, degrading, and offensive discussion surrounding millennials. So for all my fellow phone addicted, Netflix binging, lazy, entitled, and all around misunderstood millennials, this is for you.

Why Millennials DON’T Suck

1. Older Generations Always Pick On Younger Generations

My first reason why Millennials don’t actually suck is because this behavior of older generations “picking on” the younger generation is not new. I recently had a long conversation with my mom about this topic. She described how her parent’s generation (the Baby Boomers) would constantly criticize her generation (Generation X) for being “dreamers”. They didn’t want to work hard on the farm and take it over for them like they did for their parents. They were seen as being “risk-takers”, and for spending energy on other things besides work, such as family time or a hobby.

My beef here is that now Generation X is acting like the seniors in high school who now get to take out their resentment on the new freshmen that they have pent up from when they were a freshmen. Stereotype after stereotype is being perpetuated about Millennials to the point where Millennials are starting to believe it themselves. I really believe this happened to Generation X too, and look at all of the negative consequences we are dealing with now because of it. The hatred and the bigotry I see is so unlike the stereotypes you were given in your youth. Could this be because of the constant negativity spat out at you from the Baby Boomers? It’s very likely to at least be a factor. So stop doing it to us. We like our passion and we enjoy our values and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying to morph us into you.

2. Actually, We’re Awesome

My second reason why Millennials don’t actually suck is because quite frankly, we are awesome. Name a stereotype and I bet I can find statistics to prove you wrong.

We’re NOT apathetic

Oh we’re apathetic towards politics you say? No, we just do not believe in the government you’ve left for us (talking to you Baby Boomers). The government failed us. There were no jobs waiting for us when we graduated. We watched our parents lose their jobs, homes, and pride during the Great Recession (that is still happening regardless of what the media is telling you). Our voting system we have in placed in rigged to elect people who do not represent us. Here is an interesting article discussing this point further if you’re interested.

 We’re NOT lazy

Oh we’re lazy you say? Give us a job and we’ll prove you wrong, oh wait, there aren’t any for us, thanks recession.

 We ARE ambitious

Oh we aren’t ambitious you say? We’re working at restaurants and call centers because we don’t want to starve to death, not because we don’t want to be President, Lawyers, Doctors, etc. We either can’t afford school, or there aren’t enough high paying jobs for us to seem ambitious. Millennials are going to community college because they’re poor, not because they don’t want a “quality” education.

 We’re NOT “addicted” to technology

We are addicted to technology you say? We’re not addicted, it’s how the world communicates now. It is impossible to build an empire without a cellphone, without a strong Social Media network, without access to news, media, and resources instantaneously. Technology is a resource that puts us ahead of the game, actually, so what you should be saying is “wow, look how great those Millennials are at communicating through technology, it sure is way more efficient than ravens and hand written letters like we used in my day”.

 We DON’T get offended too easily

Oh we get offended too easily you say? We’re not offended. We will not and do not settle for mediocrity. We want to live in a world with model citizens. If you’re going to make us look like bigoted, egotistical, arrogant Americans (the kind ISIS shows videos of for recruitment) we will not accept you. You see here older generations, it is not us that needs to impress you, rather it is you that needs to start trying to impress US. We outnumber you, we can vote now, we have a say now.  And my favorite stereotype of all time…

 We’re NOT entitled

Oh we’re entitled you say? I was a server in a sports bar for a year, and the one thing I have to say about this stereotype is that it is absolutely, 100% false. I would take a table of 22 year old folks over a table of 57 year old people ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Not only will they tip better (when I know they have less money than the 57 year olds), but they will be kinder when mistakes happen (because it’s JUST wings and beer, PEOPLE ARE DYING). That’s really all I can say about this topic.. it is just simply not true.

3. The Media Isn’t Helping

Technology is allowing the media to keep a microscope on the activities on Millennials. Older generations didn’t have the same scrutiny that Millennials receive because nobody really knew what they were doing and thinking. There are so many platforms available now that allow for everyone’s actions and voices to be put into the spotlight. Our opinions on Facebook and Twitter are out for the world to see, whereas older generations appeared silent in their youth. Not that they were, however, but writing the editor and conversations within their communities did not allow for the masses to hear how they felt. It seems like Millennials are so much louder, but in reality our voices are just being heard. Also, the media is obsessed with Millennials. I have a few theories for why this is, but the media sees us as an easy target to judge and therefore causing viewers to develop the same opinions. As we all know, the media is bias. The general discussion surrounding Millennials is something along the line of how much we suck.

4. We’re Creative and Imaginative

My third reason why Millennials don’t actually suck is because of how creative and imaginative we are. It dumbfounds me how this is being shown as a negative stereotype, as if being a creative “hipster” is going to raise crime or something. The reality… we’re building homes out of buses because we can’t afford a mortgage loan. Even if we can get a loan, we watched the bank screw over our parents and rip it out from under them. We make our own cleaning products and other stuff for two reasons.

1.) We can’t trust products not to give us cancer thanks to the lax regulatory laws the U.S. has laid out for us.

2.) We have to reuse things because we can’t afford to buy new, name brand stuff on our server salary at our job we have to work because the market fell apart and didn’t leave jobs for us after college. Meanwhile we wait on 57 year olds who don’t tip because we don’t have the senior discount they feel entitled to.

We have been called the “restoration generation” for a reason. TBH, it’s either restore the destruction caused by older generations or perish (so we really don’t have a choice). We’ll be waiting for that apology, by the way.

 So loosen up…

So I know that this rant makes me seem sort of exactly like the stereotypical millennial who blames all of her problems on older generations without taking responsibility for her own actions. Although the blame is well placed in many areas, we are not asking for hand outs, we’re asking for older generations to cut us some slack and let us figure out our lives. We want to live our lives the way we want to without being seen as bad people for it. Our spirit isn’t hurting anybody. Nobody is going to lose their house if we make one out of a bus. No one is going to get cancer from our homemade products because we don’t cut corners to make a profit. Folks aren’t going to have to work for free because we tip 20% when a service is provided for us. There are plenty of people out there who suck, but as a whole, Millennials aren’t them.