6. This Is Not A Love Letter

These breakup letters were sent in by FTS readers

Dear S,

            Now this is not a love letter, this for me was a life lesson. We may have not dated for long and it may have been two years ago but for some reason you continue to still pop up in my life. So yes I am going to write it out. We met sophomore year and I was the new girl and for some reason that always gives girls an edge. I had not known anyone until I met you. You had this confidence to you that for some odd reason I liked. However, I later learned it was just you being an ass. We grew pretty close after that and a friend wasn’t the right title but neither was a boyfriend. So what were we? Well we turned out to be “friends,” and after establishing that we lost all contact, only for a brief time. The following year you showed up again, this time wanting more. After you found yourself back in my life, I had people whispering in my ear saying “you guys would be cute” or “date him you don’t have any other guy right now.” Never again, never again will I listen to those words because they are what got me into our relationship.

I did like you at one point, but that year I had moved on, I had met new people, lived my life, but somehow ended up with you. I gave you that chance because hey I liked you once I can do it again right? Not this time. I dated you out of some emptiness I felt or maybe it was loneliness, and our relationship wasn’t all bad, but to this day I look back on it and still can't put together why I dated you. If we're being honest here I never liked you, I rarely ever wanted to be seen with you. So why did I stay with you? Well I don’t truly know, but I do know now that you have taught me so many great things. You taught me that I don’t need a relationship; you taught me that it’s better to be alone then with someone you don’t truly care for.

So I thank you for that! However, that does not mean anything will ever happen with us again. Its over, I feel nothing, and I haven’t felt anything for you since we dated.  I constantly made excuses to myself as to why I stayed with you, but one moment was very clear when I should have said “GO FUCK YOURSELF” I was going through a family crisis, and had to cancel our plans for a dance now putting those two things together anyone can clearly see that the dance means nothing. Everyone but you! You got mad at me for cancelling, hell you went with another girl, you say it was because you had to, but in this world you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Now for some god-awful reason maybe it was because I was more focused on my family than you, but I stayed and just brushed it off. Now don’t worry you got your revenge by later ditching me, but then I moved away and the moment I made that decision I ended it with you, but you wanted to stay together, or at least friends. I agreed to stay friends out of pity but really I wanted nothing to do with you, I never wanted to see you, talk to you, even hear you name that s how over it I was when I ended it. So now you know when you tried to get back with me months later you had no chance and never will. So go live your life, as I did.