My method of healing includes multiple platforms. I am first and foremost an energy healer. To explain this simply everything is energy (Einstein proved that...) and I practice the art of seeing energies, seeing energy weaknesses, blockages or illnesses, and then healing those through whatever avenue suits the illness. 


The tools I use in addition to Visualizations include Tarot and Oracle cards, Pendulum, Crystals, Tea Leaves, Herbs, and Essential Oils. To be clear though, I am a vessel that is used by the Universe, God, Angels, Spirit or whatever you call that supreme energy (they are all different names for the same source of energy and I will use the language you are the most comfortable with). 


For example, one woman I performed a reading on I scanned her aura, physical and spiritual body, cleared multiple blockages in her chakras and discovered the root causes of her chronic fatigue and illness that had gone undiagnosed by medical doctors for months. While clearing blockages I received messages that she wasn't following her life's purpose and used Tarot and Oracle cards to discover her life's path was to also heal and teach others. Not following this path is what has left her chronically ill. I also received messages from her loved one that had passed who guided her on what steps she needed to take next in order to heal. Since this reading she's been feeling much better, has more energy, and is inspired to follow her life's passion. 


I will also teach you how to heal yourself as I heal you, give you recommendations to ease symptoms and treat the root causes of your pain, and of course refer you to medical professionals or more advanced healers if I believe you need more assistance than I can provide. 


I understand the skepticism when choosing a healer and the hesitation in paying for something you're not sure is going to work. It's for this reason that my first reading is completely free. Even if you just want one reading I will gladly do them for free as I am also looking for practice as the more I heal the stronger I will become. Healing is my life's purpose and healing others brings me joy and energy. 


If you have any questions at all or want to schedule a free reading please contact me. 


P.S. Energy is not bound by time or space so if you do not live in Phoenix we can do Skype or Phone readings and it will work just the same.